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Wellness Services

Elixir is home to several wellness practitioners providing independent services for your well-being.

Please contact them directly to schedule appointments or attend classes.

Mary Jo Tyman M.A.
Wellness Coaching
Intuitive Readings

Mary Jo is a professional intuitive with over 25 years experience providing counseling and intuitve readings to individuals.

Her goal is to help people on their path to joyous living by offering a variety of alternative healing methods to clear energy, reframe neuro pathways, and re-balance the system.     

303- 549-9097


Kinjo Dojo

Aikido (合気道) is a Japanese martial art based on jujutsu. It uses locks, pins, and throws to subdue attackers. Aikido utilizes the basic principle of moving off the line of attack--and when possible, redirecting the force to our advantage.


Lana June

As a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004, Lana has
developed client relationships around the concept that "awareness is the first step." Once you are aware of the problem, you can start to treat and rehabilitate it.
Lana provides a wide spectrum of therapies from Prenatal and Postnatal massage, Mayan Womb, Cranial Sacral therapy, Neuromuscular deep tissue, Sports massage, and Reflexology. Cranial Sacral is a method she builds into all of her sessions. It is a gentle holding of the head and the spine to release compression.

She has expanded her medical practice by joining the healthcare industry as a Registered MRI Technologist. By viewing the anatomy inside the body, she is able to apply
better therapy to the outside.

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