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Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are offered 7 days a week.

Mat & Barre exercises are incorporated into most equipment classes, so you can experience the benefit of both equipment and pure body mechanics.

Mat Pilates is a set of focused, controlled, core challenging movements done on the floor to help you build strength and balance.

Barre Pilates is a fun, challenging workout done at the ballet barre to target specific muscle groups.


Pilates equipment classes are taught on Reformers and may also utilize the Wunda Chair, Low Barrel, and Pilates Stick (or Tower)

There are over 1500 exercises to shape, tone, strengthen, and lengthen. The equipment is designed to support your body while moving, so you can maintain optimal alignment while adding resistance training.

We offer classes, partner workouts, and private sessions.

A minimum of 2 privates is required prior to classes if you are new to Pilates.


Workshops on health, wellness and Pilates are available throughout the year.  Check the schedule for upcoming events.

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